Grammar is serious business.

I hate it when that happens...
So this one person and I were mutually following one another on tumblr, we both loved makeup, casual internet acquaintance, whatevs. And she recently started posting a bunch a political stuff, and I realized she's a staunch conservative - which, not gonna lie, did make me feel a little odd... I mean, had she just not seen all my homogay business going on there? But I don't believe in defriending/unfollowing/refusing to associate or socialize with people who have different political views than I do. Especially now, when political fervor is so in vogue. (It does, in fact, trend in and out, much like spiritualism. In, like, 10 to 20 years, everyone will have calmed the fuck down.)

But then she posted some Ann Coulter stuff, which does make me a bit nervous, so I thought I should check out her blog in detail just to make sure she doesn't actually think I'm a child molester or that I ought to be lobotomized or whatever. So I go to her blog and there was some stuff on there that kinda made me nervous, but nothing I couldn't handle, and I kept reminding myself that I don't wanna be the kind of person who will only hang out with people exactly like me.

But alas.

Right as I was thinking 'Whatever, I'm not a delicate flower, I can handle this' and was about to close the tab, I glanced at her sidebar, which said something along the lines of "I'm an [age something] student of [subject] in [region] working for intelligence, reform and acceptance in the Republican party."

Just like that.

No Oxford comma.

The next thing I knew, I was dragging my cursor away from the button which was now labelled "Follow."



That is all.


Re: These CBS Lucy Liu Things

wouldn't mind this in my parlor
He is disrespectful about it.

I realize that my job is silly and that it's not considered appropriate for someone my age to have my job. I also realize that my brother is much smarter than me and is headed for greater things. But I don't think your work ethic should fluctuate with the relative importance of the task to which you're applying it. I think you should always work hard and do your best, even if what you're doing isn't your passion, or isn't changing the fate of humanity or whatever. Also, I buy his Comic-Con pass with money I earn at this silly job. So he can just fuck right off.



Hallooooo, Livejournal! I am alive. However I am very poor, which is why I did not do cards or anything for the holidays. :( Also! My family has a new house, but it's a fixer-upper, so that's what I've been doing with my time lately. Updates will likely continue to be scarce, but I still love you all, flist!

Last night I dreamed that I was scheduled a shift at work and that the schedule, rather than specifying me as floor supervisor or guest service or whatever for this shift, said "Meeting Re: [something] Jars" and that when I showed up, it turned out that this meant horse training. LovelyBossWoman informed me that I needed to get these three horses accustomed to this one path we needed them to run. The horses were right outside the office, and the trail was around the back, though some hills and whatnot. This isn't the weirdest work dream I've ever had or anything, which is probably why I had a hard time realizing that it wasn't reality when I woke up. Once conscious, I was kinda worried, because I know fuckall about horses. So I rolled over, grabbed my ipod off the dresser, went to Wikipedia, and was halfway through typing "horse training" in the search before I realized that: a) we don't have any horses at the movie theater; b) if we did no one would ask me, of all people, to train them; and c) if for some reason I was asked to train them, Wikipedia probably wouldn't be sufficient enough to get me up to speed on horsey knowledge.


I forgot to post a list of what I'm thankful for this year, but here's one thing: I never know what to get my brother-in-law, Calodaemon, for Christmas. It's a source of quite a bit of frustration. I've ended up just sort of helplessly knitting him beanies the last two or three years running, BUT! The reason I don't know what to get him is because he's awesome. He treats my sister right, and he loves my niece and my two departed nephews, and he was a decent male role model for my brother when my father flunked that subject. My family is very lucky to have him in our lives. He deserves a lot more than some standard brother-in-law, I-don't-really-know-you present, like a gift card or a tool set or whatever. (Also, he takes very good care of his tools, and thus they last forever, so that'd be pointless regardless of his amount of awesome.) But yeah, in the end, I'm glad that I don't know what to get him for Christmas.


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